How Perlick Used LegalBill to Gain Visibility and Control Over Legal Spend

This is an excerpt from the Perlick Case Study.  When Theodore “T.J.” Perlick Molinari assumed the role of managing the company’s legal department, he encountered a lack of structure within Perlick’s legal operations that left him with minimal visibility into what, how and how much money was being spent on legal services by the company. 

Perlick’s insurance company introduced Molinari to LegalBill, and after extensively researching numerous viable solutions on the market, Molinari concluded that LegalBill was exactly the solution Perlick needed.  It was designed to meet the needs of small to midsize businesses, without the additional burden of a high-cost solution. It afforded Perlick the ability to improve departmental performance regarding spend, by giving it the ability to function like a big legal department rather than a one-man shop.  Read the full case study to learn how Perlick gained full visibility into their legal spend

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