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Amie Gibbons

Amie Gibbons is a Compliance Analyst at Quovant and is responsible for Healthcare and IP clients. Born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, she came to Nashville to study law at Vanderbilt. After graduating in 2013, she clerked at a local hospital and for a judge before finding a home at Quovant. She’s not just a writer for this blog, she’s also an urban fantasy author. She has one novel and many short stories published, and can be found on Amazon.

Author's Posts

An Introduction to Torts and Negligence Law

No matter what, where, or who, anyone can sue anyone else for anything. This doesn’t mean any lawsuit will make it past a motion to dismiss and it certainly doesn’t mean they’ll win, but anyone can sue for anything and make you spend money to defend yourself.

Negligence law falls under the legal category known as torts, a term for when someone harms someone else.  The person being sued is known as the tortfeasor.

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